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Paint By Numbers kit - Cappadocia

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The Hebe Paint by Number kits are here for you to have the best crafternoon ever.

They are a high quality product showcasing the best of Hebe studio's designs where you can recreate Hebe paintings yourself and put your own stamp on your favourite prints.

A beautifully mindful activity that is both fun and meditative, it's perfect for getting away from the craziness of life either as a fun activity with friends or just a soothing pastime for you.

Each kit comes with a durable canvas page and 30 paint colours to ensure the result is as close to the original painting as possible. 

They also make the BEST gift. An item people don't even know they need until they see it.


Print: Cappadocia


Canvas sheet: 16" by 20"

A selection of paint brushes

30 different acrylic paint colours


Ships from the UK