Refunds and Returns

Refunds and returns

If the buyer changes their mind on an item we can offer an exchange but we don't offer refunds.

If a buyer exchanges an item we do not cover return shipping costs and the original order will be refunded minus the shipping we paid. 

If an item arrives damaged we will provide a full replacement but not a refund.

If your item has attempted delivery but then is 'returned to sender' due to no collection we do not offer refunds or exchanges. It is the buyers responsibility to keep an eye on their tracking. An item will only be returned to us after two attempts of delivery and then a waiting period at your local postoffice where you can collect it. You may have the item shipped to you again for an additional shipping cost and admin fee. 

If an item doesn't arrive after 2 months and the tracking is indicative of the item being lost we will provide the buyer with a replacement or a refund.