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Blue Pools NZ

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Art prints and colourful illustrations inspired by nature, travel and interior design.

Inspired by the striking Blue Pools in New zealand where the hue of the water is the brightest shade of turquoise. Surrounded by mountains and foliage the focal point of Blue Pools is a swing bridge which allows people to stop and take in their surroundings. The water itself is crystal clear and freezing cold but doesn't stop people taking a swim. This artwork aims to capture the jewel tones and amazing colour palette of this part of the world.

Hebe Studio prints are anything but boring and are a perfect addition to brighten your home. These prints contain so much warmth and colour they instantly uplift you, transporting you across the globe.

 Available sizes

A5 148 mm x 210 mm | 5.8 x 8.3 in

A4 210 x 297mm | 8.3 x 11.7 in

A3 297 420mm | 11.7 16.5 in

A2 420 x 594mm | 16.5 23.4 in

Paper Details

Uncoated matte paper

A5, A4, A3 - 300 gsm. 

A2 - 230 gsm


Shipping from the UK